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Variedad Caturra tostado 250 gr

Variedad Caturra tostado 250 gr


Aroma: Red fruits, sweet to tea
Flavor: Jasmine, floral, dried fruit
Acidity: medium
Body: Medium

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Name: APU
Geographic location: Teruel – Huila – Colombia
Varieties: Arábica, Colombia, Arabica Caturra – Castillo
Sowing height: 1800 – 1900 m.s.n.m.
Profit method: Profit method:
Drying method: Solar and mechanical
Taste guarantee: Denomination of origin Huila, Colombia.
THE FINCA: EL CARMELO Café APU has a special flavor and aroma, thanks to the excellent geographical and climatic qualities of its producing farm, located in Teruel, Huila. There, hot winds from the Magdalena valley converge, cold from the Huila mountain range and the Colombian Central Mountain Range.